Build a beautiful planner that actually works.

You can’t predict what the day will bring, but you can plan for it.

We know busy, and we know what it feels like when you don't have the right tools to keep your life together. You forget appointments, miss opportunities, and lose your self-confidence trying to keep up. We offer the tools to help fix this.

Jane's Agenda® is a planner brand dedicated to helping you be more effective with your time, plans, goals, and life in general. Our large variety of planner options allow you to create a completely unique planner system that functions the way you need it to.

Chaos, stress, and forgetfulness are all things of the past when you join the Jane's Agenda® lifestyle.

Planner Subscription

The Ultimate Planner Capsule

The Monthly Planner & Lifestyle Subscription Box™ curates a new look for your planner every month. Never released inserts, planner product, accessories, and other goodies delivered monthly (like a magical little gift to yourself).

"I cannot recommend Jane's Agenda enough! The products are awesome, shipping is so fast, and customer service is incredible."


"I recently discovered Jane’s Agenda and it’s my new obsession! The quality is phenomenal. The JA style is perfect for the adult planner compared to other brands which seem to have more of a juvenile aesthetic. I am about to place my 3rd order in less than a month, that’s how much I love this brand! I am now a loyal customer for life."


"I used to work at a specialty paper store. When I received my first order from Jane’s Agenda, I immediately recognized the excellent quality of their paper. I didn’t think that would make such a difference in a planner, but their paper is so smooth that I want to write in my planner more often. Also, I love that Jane’s Agenda offers a wide selection of planner layouts and sizes. They offer practical planning solutions for different lifestyles."


"I've been using a disc planner for years and just recently decided to try out Jane's Agenda because of the beautiful layouts she offers. I am so happy with what I've gotten so far ... I have two more shipments on the way and can hardly wait for them to arrive! The customer service is great and very personalized!"


"Another fast shipment!! I’ve ordered several times before. The quality and shipping does not disappoint!! Highly recommend Jane’s Agenda for your planner needs!!!"


Absolutely gorgeous covers. Very sturdy, the pen loop is perfect, and stickers actually adhere very well despite the textured surface! Would recommend.