How to pick the perfect disc size for your planner.

Blog post, what size discs does your planner need

Every planner person knows that disc size matters.

In this blog post, we will go over how to pick the perfect disc size for your planner, and what happens when your discs aren't the right size.

Why disc size matters....

The wrong size disc can be so very bad for your planner and here is how you know you are the victim of the wrong size discs.


If your discs are too big for your planner, common symptoms will be:

  • Your planner will feel floppy.
  • You may have difficulty turning your pages.
  • It will be difficult to use your planner one handed, you'll feel the need to set it on a surface for stability.



If your discs are too small for your planner, common symptoms will be:

  • Pages and accessories might start popping off your discs unexpectedly.
  • Your planner may not close properly.
  • Your cover may not lay flat.
  • You may have difficulty turning your pages.


"Nobody likes a floppy planner."

-Jane Wild

Looking to upgrade your discs?

If you already own a discbound planner and are looking to upgrade, downgrade, or just figure out what the perfect disc size would be, look no further. We will show you how to measure your planner for a perfect disc fit.

Measure your planner as seen in the photo to the left. You'll measure from cover to cover, with the planner closed.

The planner in the image is approximately 1 3/4 inches thick. We can tell immediately that a disc size of less than 1 3/4 inches would never work on this planner. Luckily we sell 2 inch metal discs at Jane's Agenda®.

The thickness of your planner must never be bigger than the disc size you choose.

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A note about disc measurements...

Discs are measured from outside edge to outside edge.

In the "outside" image below you can see that our disc measures about 2 inches. This is the total diameter of the disc, but unfortunately, only the inside measurement can be used to figure out how thick your planner can be.

The "inside" image below, shows that this disc has usable space of 1 and 13/16 inches (just over 1 3/4 inches), which tells you that you cannot put these discs on a planner that is thicker than 1 and 13/16 inches.

When looking at upgrading your discs, a good rule of thumb is to remove the 3/16 of an inch from the total disc measurement to see how thick your planner can be.

Starting from scratch?

If you are creating a discbound planner from scratch, here is our guidance on how to pick the perfect disc size.

Things to consider: What do you want to keep in your planner? How many months of the year do you want to have on hand? What accessories might you like? Do you want extra focus sections and lots of inserts? Do you want a thin planner that you can easily take on the go?

The smaller the discs, the thinner and lighter your planner will be, but where you gain portability you loose functionality.

The bigger your discs, the thicker and more amazing your planner can be, but with big discs comes big responsibility a really heavy planner.


Our general recommendations based on the type of planner you want to keep:


Monthly pages + notes 3/4 inch discs
12 Months + Weekly Pages 1 inch discs
12 Months + Weekly and Extra Pages 1 1/4 inch discs
18 Months + Weekly Pages 1 1/2 inch discs
Your entire universe in one planner. 2 inch discs


The number of pages can vary greatly depending on how thick the paper stock used is. This is a guideline, not a rule:


Size of Discs Approximate Number of Pages
3/4 inch discs 70-100
1 inch discs 120-150
1 1/4 inch discs 140-170
1 1/2 inch discs 175-220
2 inch discs 250-280


A final note:

Of all the things you can add and remove easily from your discbound planner, changing out discs is definitely the hardest to switch. That's why we recommend that if you are turn between two different disc sizes, pick the larger one. Go big or go home. You can always add more pages to thicken up your planner, but taking out pages that you might need, can make your planner less functional and that's not the Jane's Agenda® way.

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I currently have an Inkwell Press Planner, but I’m planning on Jane’s Agenda fo 2022. Will Inkwell Press discs work? I’m thinking mostly about the size/depth of the disc “hole”. Thanks, in advance for your help!

Karen Sparkes

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