Founded in 2013

About us

Hey there, let's dive into the heartwarming journey of Jane's Agenda - where calm triumphs over chaos, and guess what? We're celebrating a decade of making it happen!

Imagine this: a new mom juggling life's demands and an Operations Manager steering a major retailer – talk about wearing multiple hats! That's the world Jane Wild was navigating. Just like so many of us, she needed a way to wrangle the chaos of life. But here's the twist - she wanted a system that could keep up, even when life got wild (and when you've got a baby in one hand, that's saying something!).

So, Jane set off on a mission to find the ultimate planner. Yet, her search resembled hunting for buried treasure with a plastic shovel – pretty darn tough. Nothing on the market quite fit the bill. That's when a light bulb flickered – why not create her very own?

With a dash of DIY spirit and a whole lot of determination, Jane crafted a planner that didn't just manage life's unpredictability but embraced it. And just like that, Jane's Agenda was brought to life.

But hold on, the story doesn't stop at her doorstep. Jane knew that if she craved this kind of organization, there must be others out there seeking the same. That's how her personal journey transformed into a journey for many.

Fast forward a full ten years, and here we stand, marking a decade of crafting order from chaos. We're not just about planners; we're about creating tools that not only tame the whirlwind but make each day sparkle with joy.

Jane's Agenda isn't just a brand. It's a tale of how one person's vision can touch the lives of countless women around the globe. With every planner we lovingly design, we're rewriting stories of transformation, one page at a time.

So whether you're a multitasking mom, a dedicated professional, or a beautiful mix of both, remember you've found a friend in Jane's Agenda. Let's celebrate a decade of turning chaos into our very own masterpiece, one planner at a time. Cheers to you, and here's to many more years of navigating life's adventure together! 🥂🎉

A history of Jane's Agenda®