About Us

Founded before planning was cool.

- Est. 2013 -


Founded by Jane Wild, in Autumn of 2013, after the birth of her first child.

Jane is the former Operations Manager for a multi-million dollar retail establishment as well as a serial entrepreneur.

As a business owner, wife, and the mom of two boys, Jane knows all about seeking a healthy work/life balance and how hard that can be on the whole household.

Jane's Agenda® was founded to help busy women find balance and feel a sense of accomplishment in their days with the more effective use of a paper planner.


There is something very tactile about using a pen and paper. It feels good, but studies also show it can improve memory to write things down.

We know (and love) planners, but we are most passionate about helping you be more effective in your life. Efficacy is the underrated big-sister of productivity, and we are here to help you achieve it.




The ability to produce a desired or intended result.


We've seen first hand how the right planner layout can change a life, and how an inefficient one can cause chaos and we take that responsibility very seriously. Our layouts are all designed for real life, for real women, who need to get stuff done! You'll find tons of realistic function in our products. Designed with you in mind.

No two lives are the same.

No two lives are the same, and so neither should two planners be. Our product line is designed to be mixed and matched so you can piece together the perfect set-up for you. We also take into consideration that lives change, #plottwist, and so we also design our products so you can replace a piece of your planner without replacing the entire thing. This saves you money, time, and effort.

Jane's Agenda About Us 2020

We care about the earth.

You'll see an overwhelming trend with us that we care about the environment. We love the earth, and as tree-huggers at heart, we plant two trees for every one that our paper uses. We only use FSC Certified paper and we are rapidly working to source alternatives to the plastic we use. We know you care about your impact, and we care about ours too. Click to read more about our sustainable planning efforts already in place.

American made and American proud.

Our Jane's Agenda® workshop is in northern Arizona, in the White Mountains.

We print, cut, punch, and ship every page from there. We support as many American companies for our supplies as we can, not only to support our local economy, but to reduce our carbon footprint.

Jane is the wife of a disabled USMC Veteran and as such we support our troops. Overseas military will always get free shipping with us. Thank you for your service!