Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question? Below are a list of common questions. Each drop down features a question and the answer in the drop window.

First, welcome to our shop. We are here to help, no need to panic.

Start by finding your size in our size guide. Click me. This will open our size guides in a new window pop-up so you don't lose your spot. If the window doesn't open when you click: hold down the CTRL button while you click and the window should open. We don't currently offer B6, A6 (Euro Style), or Pocket.

Once you have found your size, feel free to shop for planner covers, planner inserts (also known as refills), or planner accessories using the menu at the top of the shop.

Still not sure about something? Contact us, we'll help.

Decide if you want discbound or six ring. We have a lot more choices in the discbound category, and we assure you, our discbound products are not like the ones you find in stores.

In six ring, you'll need a cover, which can be purchased from us (when available) or purchased from an outside source. We offer personal (size 2), personal wide (size 3), and A5 (size 5) sized products for the six ring planner systems.

In discbound, you'll select your size first. Sizes 4, 6, 7, and 8 are all discbound. Remember your size. You'll need this to shop! Make sure as you add things to your cart, that they all say the same size.Items you'll need to make a discbound planner:

A planner cover.

Planner inserts (we have a LARGE variety, so click around).


Accessories. (optional)

When your discbound products arrive, you'll assemble them together to make your planner.

We ship worldwide. We utilize the United States Postal Service and DHL to ship internationally. Once the package arrives in your country, USPS hands the package off to your local postal service for the remainder of the trip.

It will take anywhere from 10 business days to an entire month to receive your package internationally if using USPS. DHL typically arrives in less than 5 business days. Transit times vary greatly depending on customs and cannot be helped.

If your package gets to customs in your country and stops, they may be waiting on you to pay VAT or import fees. We do not pay these. Unfortunately these vary from country to country that there is no way for us to expect what these will be ahead of time and so we do not cover them for you in your shipping charge. Any import fees or taxes are YOUR responsibility and we will not reimburse them. If this is a concern, please educate yourself on the import rules for your country before ordering. Should you choose not to accept your package/not pay your fees, we will not reimburse you for the order.

We love our military. Jane is the wife of a disabled USMC Veteran and thanks you greatly for your service. Overseas military get free shipping automatically.

Most orders are able to be recovered by checking around/in your mailbox, around your front porch, checking with the front office if applicable, checking on the countertop surfaces of your home, and by asking the other people who may have been in your house if they happened to bring in the mail for you.

Still don't have it? USPS utilizes GPS tracking when they scan "delivered" and so we can have your local post office pull up the tracking to see if it was delivered incorrectly. Contact us, we will help.

This happens sometimes. Please use our returns and exchanges page. It asks the questions we need the answers to in order to make sure you get the right replacement.

This most often happens when you expect a size 3 insert to fit in a size 2 planner. You aren't alone. This happens often. Please don't feel bad about it. We got you boo.

Whatever the reason is that our pages didn't fit your planner, you can use our returns and exchanges page to get help.

We take 3 to 5 business days to process orders. This means actually making the product and getting it ready for shipping. These days do not include weekends or holidays.

Once the product is ready to ship, we ship it out. We don't hang onto orders just because we can. Depending on the service you select at checkout, shipping can take anywhere from two postal days to 10 postal days. Please select the shipping service that is right for your needs and budget.

SUBSCRIPTION BOX ORDERS: Subscriptions ship between the 15th and the 18th of each month, all at once, no matter what date you order on. We will not make any exception/ship early.

Nope. We wish we could, but unfortunately, due to the volume of orders we receive this just isn't possible for individual customers. Customers wanting a bulk/extra large order may be able to get custom orders though. Contact us if you need a bulk order of 100 items or more.

We are not able to customize the subscription box in any way. You select your size, we select everything else.

You can find all of the information about our return policy here!

Don't see your question?

No worries! We are more than happy to answer any question you may have.

Please email us at or contact us here.