How to Revamp Your Discbound Planner

How to Revamp Your Discbound Planner

Sometimes even the most well meaning planner can start feeling a little stale. If your planner isn't sparking joy for you, if you aren't inspired to plan, maybe it's time for a planner revamp.

Read below as I list out ways you can make your planner feel new again and ways you can get inspired to plan.

1. Switch Out Your Cover:

Give your discbound or ringbound planner a fresh look by updating the cover. You can replace it with a new design, choose a different color, or add a personalized touch with stickers or decals. We designed the Monthly Cover Club subscription for exactly this reason. Sometimes all it takes is a simple switcheroo with your cover and dashboards to make your whole planner feel new again.

If your planner already feels like you, maybe adding a new vegan leather wrap cover is the way to go. It elevates your planning style instantly.

2. Rearrange Sections:

Shake things up by rearranging the sections in your planner. Assess your current needs and priorities, then move the sections accordingly to reflect your current goals and projects.

I personally like to keep all of my notes, reference pages, and task lists at the front of my planner. This keeps everything on my list top of mind. I can always find my spot for "today" but sometimes finding that one list I need is more difficult and by keeping them at the front, I keep them top-of-mind.

3. Add New Pages:

Customize your planner by adding new pages that suit your evolving needs. Whether it's habit trackers, goal-setting inserts, or additional note pages, incorporating new elements can make your planner more tailored to your lifestyle.

Maybe you want to start taking better care of your self, or maybe you want to keep a closer eye on your budget, sometimes adding a new "focus" section can help inspire you to plan.

4. Organize with Color Coding:

Implement a color-coding system for different categories or tasks. Use colored pens, highlighters, or stickers to bring visual clarity to your planner, making it easier to identify and prioritize different activities.

We wrote an entire blog post about how to color code in your planner. Find it here. 

5. Upgrade your discs:

That's a disc of a different color... just like swapping out your jewelry, switching the size and color of your discs can make your entire planner look and function differently.

If your planner doesn't have enough room for you to add extra pieces, enhance your planner's functionality by upgrading to our 2-inch discs. When you find your planner lacking space to properly plan your life, these larger discs offer a practical solution. With more room to organize and manage all aspects of your daily routine, you can keep everything in one planner, streamlining your life with efficiency and convenience.

6. Remove the old.

A well-loved planner will start to show some wear and tear over time. The quickest way to make a planner feel new again is to remove and replace the older items. Switch out your dividers, throw on a new cover, replace your note pages.

If you don't want to toss the pages, maybe there is a sentimental attachment or maybe you need to keep them as a record for legal purposes, we recommend creating an archival planner. Learn about that here.

I firmly believe, that if your planner doesn't make you happy, you won't be able to plan effectively. I love switching things out in my own planner and created the Deluxe Planner Box to keep my entire planner feeling fresh month after month. It's the gift you give yourself and we do all of the work. Each month we curate new planner items that you may not even realize you needed, and we design them to flow together in such a gorgeous way. See our Deluxe Planner Box here.

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