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Deluxe Planner Box: December

Take a look at these December sneak peeks... Featured in these photos are a few of the beautiful holiday themed items.

This month we've curated a collection of Christmas, winter, and holiday themed items to create an aesthetic that's sure to get you into the festive mood.

December Hero

Keepsake Notebook Cover

This beautiful vegan leather Traveler's Notebook Cover is the perfect place to store those saddle stitched notebooks - like the one you'll receive in the December subscription box.

A girl's gotta have options

Winter is for Layering

You wouldn't wear the same sweater all winter — For December, Deluxe subscribers will get a collection of dashboard options that are all designed to layer beautifully. Create a holiday look that's all your own.

Spots are limited for this top selling box, so don't miss out!

The Deluxe Planner Box

Treat yourself!

The Monthly Cover Club + The Planner Lifestyle Subscription

Save $ by getting the combo box.

Best value! Starts at only $74.95 (Free US Shipping)

A festive look that's all yours.

Customer reviews
I have been a subscriber since the first subscription box back in June 2020! So thankful I found this amazing business!! Jane Wild and JA team, keep doing the amazing work!!
— Maira, Lebanon, TN
I absolutely loved the vibe of this box. I need all of the things in this aesthetic!
— Jen, Centralia, WA
The sub box is beautiful! Thank you to Jane & her team! Ya'll are absolutely amazing & appreciated!
— Jessica, Bozeman, MT
My subscription box arrived today! Love it! Such great additions to my planner!
— Herlean, Fairfield, OH
Oh emmm geeee!!!! Oh I’m so glad I got this Box... Super love it very very beautiful
— Keri, Lake Elsinore, CA
I LOVE the subscription box.
— Julia, Rome, GA
This month's box is amazing!!!! I absolutely LOVE the inserts- may just be planner peace.
— Shauna, Las Vegas, NV
Just received my September subscription box. This layout is amazing!! For the first time I feel like this planner matches my life...and as a tenured program manager this is huge! Considering this format my 2023 go to!!!
— Carmen
I got my September deluxe box today and adore everything! Soooo beautiful and packed full of lovely goodies. 💛💛💛Thanks
— Tara, Cumming, GA

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Frequently Asked Questions

What comes in the Deluxe Planner Box?

Everything that is featured in the MCC subscription + everything in the Planner LIfestyle Subscription Box™

We create an entire collection of planner products and desk accessories each month that coordinate perfectly together, for that completely-in-love-with-your-planner feeling.

Every month includes limited edition items that are only available in the Subscription Box - you won't want to skip a single box!

This is a surprise box, and while we love giving you sneak peeks throughout the month, we want the bulk of this box to be mystery!

When will I receive my first subscription?

Boxes are shipped by the 18th of the next month. If the 18th happens to fall on a weekend, your box will ship out the next business day on the following week (i.e., on a Monday).

Example: If you subscribe October 10-November 9th your first box will ship by November 18th.

Boxes are shipped via USPS which takes about a week to two weeks depending on how far away you are.

Are the subscriptions size specific?

Yes, we curate your subscription around your planner size. You'll pick your size when you subscribe.

Do the subscriptions come with a planner?

On occassion, we provide complete pieces for you to use, but no, these boxes are meant to be added to a pre-existing planner - one that you already own. You can also purchase one of our starter kits, the perfect set of items to jump start your planning journey.

Can I switch between subscriptions?

Absolutely! We keep things simple. Log into your account and you can make all the changes you need.

Can I skip a month?

Absolutely, you can skip any month you'd like. Simply make sure to skip before the 1st of the month to keep from being charged for it.

We keep things simple. Log into your account and you can make all the changes you need.

Skipping three months in a row will cause us to assume you've chosen to silently cancel. Read more about our membership terms here.

What if I want only one month?

You can always skip a month, without canceling, but we think once you see the value and beauty in your subscription you'll stick around.

Those who have pre-paid for more than one month can skip boxes or cancel at any time, however we do not offer refunds on the subscriptions.

What if I want to change planner sizes?

You can change sizes every month if you like. We can make any changes for you. Complete this simple form.

Can I buy items from one of the months?

Any items we've listed from previous subscriptions are here.

Occasionally we offer "Mystery Boxes" that will have previous sub box items that were never released.

Outside of those options, once a subscription has shipped, usually the items are gone for good. Just another reason why subscribing is a great idea.

Are the subscriptions returnable?

If there's an error with your subscription, let us know and we will take care of it! Hello@JanesAgenda.com

We don't allow returns/refunds on our subscriptions.

International Subscribers

International subscriptions have to be created manually. Please complete the form HERE and we will help you setup your subscription.