The Monthly Cover Club™

Our Monthly Cover Club is perfect for those busy women who want to add some style and personality to their planner without any hassle.

Each month comes complete with a new planner cover (or laminated dashboard set if you're a six-ring kind of gal), a cardstock dashboard set to layer underneath it, and a matching page finder.

The best part? Every piece is curated to perfection, making it a snap to keep your planner looking fresh, functional, and oh-so-fabulous all month long. Trust us, it's the quickest way to turn the page on a brand new month, and you're going to love it!

Fall-ing for NOVEMBER

The November Monthly Cover Club

Wrap your planner in the warm hues of autumn with our exclusive, limited edition November aesthetic for this month's MCC.

The Monthly Cover Club

November Planner Cover Set

This month's theme is all about Fall with a touch of elegant gold foiled leaves, pumpkins, and cozy plaid.

Go ahead and grab the Deluxe Edition because you will want the matching inserts and other amazing accessories!

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Customer reviews
The sub box is beautiful! Thank you to Jane & her team! Ya'll are absolutely amazing & appreciated!
— Jessica, Bozeman, MT
Oh emmm geeee!!!! Oh, I’m so glad I got this Box...super love it very very beautiful
— Keri, Lake Elsinore, CA
I LOVE the subscription box.
— Julia, Rome, GA
I got my September deluxe box today and adore everything! Soooo beautiful and packed full of lovely goodies. 💛💛💛Thanks
— Tara, Cumming, GA

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The Monthly Cover Club™

Never wonder how to make your planner look good again!  In the Monthly cover Club you will get a beautiful new look for your planner every single month!

Deluxe Planner Box

The Monthly Cover Club + the Planner LIfestyle Box combined for the ultimate experience. This is our most popular box!

Frequently Asked Questions

What comes in the Monthly Cover Club™?

A gorgeous new planner look each month.

The Monthly Cover Club includes:

• A laminated planner cover (or two laminated dashboards if you select six ring or unpunched).

• A two-piece coordinating cardstock dashboard set, perfect for front and back layering.

• A page finder that pairs beautifully.

These items are designed with layering in mind and curated to create a unique look each month.

Does this subscription accommodate six ring planner sizes?

Yes! If you are a six ring or unpunched size option, you will receive two laminated dashboards in the same design and style as the discbound planner cover. It comes with a two-piece coordinating cardstock dashboard set, perfect for layering, as well as a page finder that pairs beautifully with the entire set.

What comes in the Deluxe Planner Box?

Everything that is featured in the MCC subscription + everything in the Planner LIfestyle Subscription Box™

We create an entire collection each month that coordinates perfectly together, for that completely-in-love-with-your-planner feeling.

Your planner will feel amazing month after month.

This is a surprise box, and while we love giving you sneak peeks throughout the month, we want the bulk of this box to be mystery!

When will I receive my first subscription?

Boxes are shipped by the 18th of the next month. If the 18th happens to fall on a weekend, your box will ship out the next business day on the following week (i.e. on a Monday).

Example: If you subscribe October 10-November 9th your first box will ship by November 18th.

Boxes are shipped via USPS which takes about a week to two weeks depending on how far away you are.

Is the MCC size specific?

Yes, we curate your subscription around your planner size. You'll pick your size when you subscribe.

Can I switch between subscriptions?

Absolutely! We keep things simple. Log into your account and you can make all the changes you need.

What if I want to make a change?

We keep things simple. Log into your account and you can make all the changes you need.

Can I skip a month?

Absolutely, you can skip any month you'd like. Simply make sure to skip before the end of the month and we won't ship you the next month's box.

We keep things simple. Log into your account and you can make all the changes you need.

Skipping three months in a row will cause us to assume you've chosen to silently cancel. Read more about our membership terms here

What if I want to change planner sizes?

You can change sizes every month if you like. We keep things simple. Log into your account and you can make all the changes you need.

What if I only want one month?

You can cancel after receiving just one month if you like, but we think once you see the value and beauty in your subscription you'll stick around.

Those who have pre-paid for more than one month can skip boxes or cancel at any time, however we do not offer refunds on the subscriptions.

Are the subscriptions returnable?

If there's an error with your subscription, let us know and we will take care of it!

We don't allow returns on our subscriptions.