5 Creative Ways to Use Your Planner to Manifest

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Inside: 5 ways to use your planner to manifest what you want in life. We look at our planners every day; this is the perfect place for us to manifest! Plus, see our Manifestation Journal Insert in action.

How can a paper planner help you get what you want in life?

Are some people just lucky?

Late winter and early spring are great times to focus on goals. We see this everywhere with New Year's resolutions, vision boards, and new gym memberships.

Our lives are so much more than just this one year … when we focus on what we’re bringing into our whole life, big things can happen. It’s called “manifesting”. It’s changed my life in incredible ways.

But how do you do it?

The Old Methods for Manifesting

When I started manifesting, there weren’t a lot of tools to help me.

I tried:

  • notebooks and journals
  • scraps of paper and sticky notes
  • vision boards pasted on posterboard

These methods helped me get clarity on my goals and vision by documenting them on paper.

Yet, I wasn’t manifesting everything as quickly as I wanted.

The Key to Manifesting Today

The key for manifestation to work is to hold it as your vision in everything you do.

The experts say, “Vision boards are effective because they are a visual reminder of your intentions and shape your thoughts and actions.” It’s important that you look at the vision board every day and anchor to it throughout the day.

Ever try carrying around a 2 foot by 3 foot vision board in your purse so you can look at it every day? Yeah, I didn’t think so!

In order to manifest efficiently, you’ve got to keep your vision front and center. You have to touch base with your vision every day so you can always be working towards it.

How can we do this in a practical way?

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5 Ways to Use Your Planner to Manifest

Because we look at our planners every day, they’re the perfect vehicle for documenting our goals and checking in with our vision daily.

Manifesting is important. The people who get the things they want in life aren’t lucky … they manifest!

That’s why we created the Manifestation Insert for our March 2023 Planner Lifestyle Subscription Box.

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Off-white background with leaves on sides with text overlay listing 5 ways to manifest with your planner:  1. Take inspiration from feng shui 2. Focus on gratitude 3. Set goals for your whole life 4. Write out your manifestations over and over 5. Create a daily vision practice


Follow these 5 ways to manifest with your planner:

1. Take Inspiration from Feng Shui

Fill out each area of your vision board with images representing what you want in each area of your life, using the Feng Shui colors that represent each area of life.

Here’s how:

  1. Create and print collages digitally or by cutting out magazine images for each area of life 
  2. Paste the imagery in each area of the Vision Board pages of our Manifestation Journal Insert
  3. Add words, writing, or other notes to fill the spaces

We used this article to find the meaning behind the Feng Shui colors for the color meanings and this article on Bagua Maps to understand the relation between the sections and colors together.

Woman's hands using an adhesive tape runner to adhere printed images to a Jane's Agenda Vision Board Insert

2. Turn the Vision Board Pages into Gratitude Pages.

Under each topic of health, career, love, and so on, draw or paste images of the things you already have.

Write out gratitude statements, starting with the phrase “I am grateful for …”.

Add to this journal as inspiration comes or repeat this process daily for more potency.

3. Focus on Your Whole Life.

When it comes to manifestation, it’s easy to think it’s all about money.

Expand the focus to manifest across your whole life.

Use the categories on the Vision Board pages as guidance to which areas of your life you could be manifesting change.

4. Write Your Manifestations Over and Over

There’s power in putting pen to paper and writing your manifestations into existence.

Each Manifestation Journal page is a dotted journal page on the back.

Use these dotted journal pages to write your manifestations over and over again.

You can also use this technique to write prayers asking your higher power for the things you want to manifest.

Discbound Jane's Agenda Planner opened to a daily page with the words daily vision practice written on the agenda and the opposite page is marked with a cheetah print page finder and

5. Create a Daily Vision Practice Around Your Manifestation Journal

Every morning, read your pages to anchor them as your vision for the day.

Using the Manifestation Journal Insert we offer at Jane’s Agenda can help you keep your vision in focus as you keep these pages in your planner to guide your day.

Use a page finder to mark your Manifestation Journal in your planner so you can easily turn to it for reference all day long.

I created this video to help you see this process in action:

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