Planner Lifestyle Subscription Box™

A monthly planner subscription box just for YOU!

This monthly subscription is all about function, with exclusive new inserts, and calendar layouts, along with gorgeous accessories and luxury planning items.

Sneak Peek

December: Holiday Joy

We've created a festive look of gorgeous ruby and chocolate tones this month that is sure to delight.

In the Planner Lifestyle Subscription Box you'll find functional planning inserts, beautiful layering accessories, and thoughtful lifestyle gifts.

Featured Item

Keepsake Notebook Cover


Sneak peek for some of the December box items

What's in a box?

There's nothing quite like crisp planner inserts, gorgeous desk accessories, and a curated aesthetic that keeps your planner updated and ready to give you the most function for your planning needs.

Examples of items we may include:

• Planner inserts

• Dashboards

• Washi tape

• Pens / writing utensils

• Stationery & Desk accessories

• Luxury vegan leather items

• Anything else we think you'll like

The Planner Lifestyle Box is designed to fill in the gaps in your planner and on your desk with items you might not even realize you needed.

For the ultimate planning experience, we recommend subscribing to the Deluxe Planner Box which includes everything listed above + the Monthly Cover Club set.

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Planner Lifestyle Box

The Planner Lifestyle Subscription Box™ features highly functional planner inserts, luxurious desk accessories, and coordinating stationery items.

Starts at only $54.95/mo

Includes US shipping.

Deluxe Planner Box

The Box with the best value, that has EVERYTHING!

The Deluxe Planner Box is the Planner Lifestyle Box + the Monthly Cover Club all combined into one DELUXE box experience!!

Starts at only $74.95/mo

Includes US shipping.

Subscriber reviews
The sub box is beautiful! Thank you to Jane & her team! Ya'll are absolutely amazing & appreciated!
— Jessica, Bozeman, MT
I LOVE the subscription box.
— Julia, Rome, GA
I absolutely loved the vibe of this box. I need all of the things in this aesthetic!
— Jen, Centralia, WA
My subscription box arrived today! Love it! Such great additions to my planner!
— Herlean, Fairfield, OH
Oh emmm geeee!!!! Oh I’m so glad I got this Box...super love it very very beautiful
— Keri, Lake Elsinore, CA

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Frequently Asked Questions

What comes in the Planner Lifestyle Subscription Box?

The Planner Lifestyle Subscription Box™ includes items like:

This box focuses on function and quality. This is a surprise box, and while we love giving you sneak peeks throughout the month, we want the bulk of this box to be mystery!

• Planner Inserts

• Planner Dashboards (always different from the MCC dashboards).

• Other Planner Items

• Sticky Notes

• Thoughtful Lifestyle Items

• Stationery

• Anything else we think you'll love!

This box will always coordinate and pair beautifully with the Monthly Cover Club!

What comes in the Deluxe Planner Box?

Everything that is featured in the MCC subscription + everything in the Planner LIfestyle Subscription Box.

We create an entire collection each month that coordinates perfectly together, for that completely-in-love-with-your-planner feeling.

Your planner will feel amazing month after month.

This is a surprise box, and while we love giving you sneak peeks throughout the month, we want the bulk of this box to be mystery!

When will I receive my first subscription?

Boxes are shipped by the 18th of the next month. If the 18th happens to fall on a weekend, your box will ship out the next business day on the following week (i.e., on a Monday).

Example: If you subscribe October 10-November 9th your first box will ship by November 18th.

Boxes are shipped via USPS which takes about a week to two weeks depending on how far away you are.

What if I want only one month?

You can cancel after receiving just one month if you like, but we think once you see the value and beauty in your subscription you'll stick around.

Those who have pre-paid for more than one month can skip boxes or cancel at any time, however we do not offer refunds on the subscriptions.

Are the subscriptions returnable?

If there's an error with your subscription, let us know and we will take care of it!

We don't allow returns on our subscriptions.

Are the subscriptions size specific?

Yes, we curate your subscription around your planner size. You'll pick your size when you subscribe.

Do the subscriptions come with a planner?

On occasion, we provide complete pieces for you to use, but no, these boxes are meant to be added to a pre-existing planner - one that you already own.

What if I want to make a change?

We keep things simple. Log into your account and you can make all the changes you need.

What if I want to change planner sizes?

You can change sizes every month if you like. We keep things simple. Log into your account and you can make all the changes you need.

Can I switch between subscriptions?

Absolutely! We keep things simple. Log into your account and you can make all the changes you need.

Can I buy items from one of the months?

Any items we've listed from previous subscriptions are here.

Occasionally we offer "Mystery Boxes" that will have previous sub box items that were never released.

Outside of those options, once a subscription has shipped, usually the items are gone for good. Just another reason why subscribing is a great idea.

International Subscribers

International subscriptions have to be created manually. Please submit the form HERE and we will help you setup your subscription.