Live in the Now: Embrace the Present with February's Planner Subscription Box

Live in the Now: Embrace the Present with February's Planner Subscription Box - Jane's Agenda®

As the year unfolds, February brings with it a gentle reminder to embrace each moment. This carefully curated collection is designed to inspire you to savor the present, with each item selected to enhance your daily planning and mindfulness practices. Join us as we delve into the serene and purposeful contents of this month's box, and discover how each piece can help you connect more deeply with the here and now, making every day more meaningful and intentional.

Monthly Cover Club

February Themed Monthly Cover Club Contents, Laminated Cover, Page Finder Bookmark and Cardstock Dashboards

Vegan Leather Cover and Binding Discs Not Included.

First up is the Monthly Cover Club:

Plastic Planner Cover: Durable and stylish, it's designed to protect and inspire, serving as a subtle reminder of your strength and resilience.

2 Piece Cardstock Dashboard Set: One features a lovely floral image, adding color and life, while the other presents a sophisticated abstract design in black and white to elegantly complement your cover.

Page Finder (Bookmark): Mark your place with a touch of the wild side using our leopard design page finder. This bookmark not only keeps your spot but also adds a dash of bold style to your planner. A personal favorite of Jane's!


But the goodies don't stop there, check out our...

Planner Lifestyle Subscription Box

Planner Lifestyle Subscription Box

 Filled with mindful goodies to remind you to relax, unwind and unplug.

Accessory Bundle Containing:

  • French Handwriting Washi Tape
  • Set of Two Inspirational Quote Cards
  • "Pale Rose" PET Sticky Notes
  • Soft Pink FriXion Knock .05 PET-Compatible Pen

"Unplug" Sticker Sheets: The set includes plug icons and 'Unplugged' labels, ideal for reminding you to take a breath and enjoy a moment of calm in your day.

Decorative Cardstock Dashboard and Vellum Set: Featuring a delicate Peony on one, and an exquisite Paris scene on the other. Matching Loose-Leaf Vellum Dashboard showcasing the month in a simple yet elegant design adds a layer of sophistication to your planner.

Weekly Planner Insert: Plan your week to the hour with our structured weekly insert. Broken into convenient hourly blocks, it allows for precise scheduling and time management, ensuring you make the most out of each day.

Functional Cardstock Set: Enhance your daily routine with our trio of cardstock dashboards, designed for mindfulness, time management, and digital detox. They're the perfect tools for a more focused and balanced life.

Saddle Stitched Reflections Journal: Delve into guided journaling with our saddle stitched Reflections Journal. It's thoughtfully designed to provide structure and inspiration for your personal reflections, helping you capture insights and growth every day.

Vegan Leather Zipper Pouch: Carry your essentials in style with our Allegedly Gray Vegan Leather Zipper pouch. Accented with a chic rose gold zipper, it's the perfect blend of sophistication and practicality for your everyday needs.


Want it all? You're in Luck...

Deluxe Planner Subscription Box

Deluxe Planner Subscription Box, all items from Cover Club and Lifestyle Boxes

Vegan Leather Cover and Binding Discs Not Included.
Our Deluxe Planner Subscription Box is the only way to get it all! Featuring every item from the Monthly Cover Club as well as the Planner Lifestyle Box, this is THE Planner Subscription Box for style and value. Contains:
  • Transparent Planner Cover
  • Decorative Dashboard set
  • Leopard Pagefinder
  • "Unplug" Sticker sheets
  • Decorative dashbaord Set with matching vellum
  • Weekly Planner Insert
  • Functional Dashboard Set
  • Saddle Stitch Reflections Journal
  • Vegan Leather Zipper Pouch
  • Accessory Pack containing Quote Cards, PET-Sticky Notes, Washi Tape and PET-Compatible pen 

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