5 lists you should have in your planner (or journal)

5 Lists you should have in your journal or planner

5 Planner Lists Every Busy Mom Needs: Your Guide to a Streamlined Life

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A Planner to Declutter Your Mind and Schedule

Being organized sounds great, but it's not always a walk in the park, especially if you're balancing a jam-packed schedule. That's why you need smart and efficient lists to guide you. If your to-do lists are making you to-don't, this is your sign to tune in. Let's go over 5 essential lists you absolutely need in your planner or journal to:

  • Simplify complex tasks
  • Make actions straightforward
  • Keep stress and chaos at bay

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List-Making Pitfalls to Dodge

First, let's tackle some common slip-ups in the world of list-making:

  1. Complexity Overload: The best list is one you'll actually use. Keep it simple and straightforward. Our nifty Inserts are perfect for this.

  2. Dispersed Lists: When lists are scattered, they lose their purpose. Keep them neatly tucked into your planner with marked pages for quick finds.

  3. List Overpopulation: A list here, a list there, a list everywhere—stop! All your lists should reside in one place: your trusty planner.


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5 Planner-Perfect Lists You Need

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  1. The "On Hold" List: Note down what's in limbo—like a pending client email or that lawnmower you lent to a neighbor. Keep tabs on this list.

    Quick Tip: Add an "On Hold" list to your planner today.

  2. The "I Owe You One" List: Capture commitments you make—from volunteer work to promises with pals.

    Quick Tip: Write these down as soon as they’re made, and make it a weekly habit to review.

  3. The "Stressbusters" List: Got worries? Take a moment to jot them down, and then map out a game plan for each.

    Quick Tip: Block out a slice of time each week to revisit and tackle items on this list.

  4. The "Home Sweet Home" Inventory: List out valuable household items for emergencies or insurance situations.

    Quick Tip: Dedicate a weekend for this task and keep the list secure.

  5. The "Big Picture" Task List: This list is for the crucial but not-so-urgent tasks that you need to handle.

    Quick Tip: Stash this list in a special planner section for easy access.


Mindful vs Mind-full

Bonus: The "Brain Dump" List

Unburden your brain by pouring tasks, thoughts, and ideas onto paper, making it easier to categorize them later.

Quick Tip: Arrange a regular 'Mind Decluttering' session to keep things neat and tidy.


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Oh my goodness…I could not have said it any better as what “April” had written. She had it spot on how I feel as well. Also want to thank you for this post. I too have have used notebooks and planners…the world jus gets crazy trying to keep up with life. This list is exactly what I needed…thank you from the bottom of my heart. You literally have saved my overwhelmed life. 💖


…um….. hi! I’m April and just wanted to drop a little something for the creator here.

I don’t ever… like, once in a blue moon maybe, post comments to any of the blogs or whatever, that I read on Pinterest. I just read or take screenshots and pin, but mostly I just gaze aimlessly hoping I find some good content that I can ACTUALLY implement in my life and see positive results that last… that become a practical part of my day to day functioning. (I’m a 32 year old single mother of four children, all under 11- aka life is hectic AF) So, anyway..As I say, I DO appreciate everyone’s blogs and ideas and the work it takes to put into this, – I RARELY if ever… thinking….thinking….thiiinnnnnkinnnggg…… yeah uh, idk, I’m sure I have…. but I don’t think I have ever found anything that TOTALLY resonated with me, I picked it up, took it seriously, used it – staying consistent, and “that thing” or the idea they were trying to share, led to making a significant, helpful difference in my life. In the ease and functionality of my chaotic life and ADHD brain.

UNTIL NOW! (Da-DA-DAAAAAAAAAA spirit fingers🙌🙌👏👏👏👏👏👏🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🎉🎉🎉🙌🙌👏👏👏)
THIS IS SUCH A “DUH concept but I never thought like this. And girl, let me tell you I have (embarrassed to admit but) literally a countless…completely unable to count…. Number of blank, barely used, note pads, journals, little notebooks, planners….. OH LAWD Jesus the planners… I have tons and tons of all of them because I LOVE lists, hand written lists and to do what nots and brain dumping, BUT I constantly change the pads/books because I’m always needing to add a list or category or an idea or a phone number or WHATEVER and then I loose what I had and I never get anything done! Find lists months later and … defeat. Sadness. Irritation and straight frustration comes over me.
but something in my beautiful brain sparked while reading this blog! I am totally adopting all your ideas and reading this even made me have lightbulbs go off in my head about shit I was doing wrong and how to make a more functional solid, ONE GOOD all in one book. I hope this works out and SUPER LONG comment short…. Thank you. Sorry for the gabbing lol I just had to tell you
As I said before, I never comment but I am thankful for your information and just had to tell you thank you. I’m trying to spread a little love!!! :)
…and gratitude!!! … where it’s deserved especially.


I keep list to keep me organized. They tell me what I need to do and helps remember what I have done.

Marsha Kivlehen

While I was reading your words, I felt like I had wrote them myself! I thought it was just me that had these problems? I already know that these tips are going to make a big difference with my list-making! I am especially excited to use the Primary Task List! Everyday, I would find myself making more and more (unrealistic) to-do lists and then, only to feel like I had failed every evening! I thank you so much for the new ideas!


Love the tips! I will be using these tips right away. I already had some of the list but really digging the waiting list!!


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