Essential Planner Lists for Busy Moms: Simplify Your Day-to-Day Life

Organize Your Life Effectively and Efficiently

Getting organized is a common goal, but it's often easier said than done. Lists can help, but only if they're practical and sustainable. If you’ve struggled with managing your to-do lists, you’re in the right place. Here, we outline the 5 must-have lists for your planner or journal, designed to:
  • Tackle any kind of task
  • Be realistic and actionable
  • Reduce stress and overwhelm

5 Lists You Should Keep in your Planner

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Common Mistakes in List-Making

Before diving in, let’s address why list-making sometimes fails:

1. Overcomplicating the List

The simpler the list, the more likely you'll use it. Don't wait for the perfect conditions; just get it down on paper. We offer easy-to-use Inserts to help you get started.

2. Inconsistent List Locations

When your lists are scattered, you're less likely to reference them. Keep your lists in your planner and mark the pages for easy access.

3. Creating Too Many Lists in Various Places

Having multiple lists in different locations creates more chaos. The ideal spot for your lists is your planner.

5 Essential Lists for Your Journal or Planner

Now let's dive into the 5 lists we think you should keep in your planner. Don't have a lists planner insert you love?? Check out our Quad Lists here.

1. "Waiting On" List

Keep track of items you are waiting for, whether it’s a reply from a client or a borrowed lawnmower. Review this list regularly to follow up as needed.

*Action Step: Start a “Waiting On” list in your planner today.*

2. "Promises" List

Track all commitments you’ve made. Whether it's bringing appetizers to a dinner or meeting a friend, jot it down.

*Action Step: Add promises to your list immediately after making them, and review this list weekly.*

3. "Worries" List

List your worries and create action plans for each. This will not only give you relief but also free up mental space.
*Action Step: Schedule time each week to review and act on your "Worries" list.*

4. "Home Inventory" List

Create an inventory of valuable items in your home. This helps in cases of emergencies and for insurance claims.
*Action Step: Take a weekend to document your home inventory, and store this list in a safe place.*

5. "Primary Task" List

Maintain a list of tasks that aren’t immediate but are important. This keeps your daily lists uncluttered.
*Action Step: Keep this list in a separate section of your planner for easy reference.*

Bonus: "Brain Dump" List

Regularly empty your mind of tasks, thoughts, and ideas onto paper. This helps you prioritize and sort items into the appropriate lists.

*Action Step: Schedule a monthly or weekly 'Brain Dump' session to declutter your mind.*

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March 25, 2019 — Jane Wild


April said:

…um….. hi! I’m April and just wanted to drop a little something for the creator here.

I don’t ever… like, once in a blue moon maybe, post comments to any of the blogs or whatever, that I read on Pinterest. I just read or take screenshots and pin, but mostly I just gaze aimlessly hoping I find some good content that I can ACTUALLY implement in my life and see positive results that last… that become a practical part of my day to day functioning. (I’m a 32 year old single mother of four children, all under 11- aka life is hectic AF) So, anyway..As I say, I DO appreciate everyone’s blogs and ideas and the work it takes to put into this, – I RARELY if ever… thinking….thinking….thiiinnnnnkinnnggg…… yeah uh, idk, I’m sure I have…. but I don’t think I have ever found anything that TOTALLY resonated with me, I picked it up, took it seriously, used it – staying consistent, and “that thing” or the idea they were trying to share, led to making a significant, helpful difference in my life. In the ease and functionality of my chaotic life and ADHD brain.

UNTIL NOW! (Da-DA-DAAAAAAAAAA spirit fingers🙌🙌👏👏👏👏👏👏🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🎉🎉🎉🙌🙌👏👏👏)
THIS IS SUCH A “DUH concept but I never thought like this. And girl, let me tell you I have (embarrassed to admit but) literally a countless…completely unable to count…. Number of blank, barely used, note pads, journals, little notebooks, planners….. OH LAWD Jesus the planners… I have tons and tons of all of them because I LOVE lists, hand written lists and to do what nots and brain dumping, BUT I constantly change the pads/books because I’m always needing to add a list or category or an idea or a phone number or WHATEVER and then I loose what I had and I never get anything done! Find lists months later and … defeat. Sadness. Irritation and straight frustration comes over me.
but something in my beautiful brain sparked while reading this blog! I am totally adopting all your ideas and reading this even made me have lightbulbs go off in my head about shit I was doing wrong and how to make a more functional solid, ONE GOOD all in one book. I hope this works out and SUPER LONG comment short…. Thank you. Sorry for the gabbing lol I just had to tell you
As I said before, I never comment but I am thankful for your information and just had to tell you thank you. I’m trying to spread a little love!!! :)
…and gratitude!!! … where it’s deserved especially.

Marsha Kivlehen said:

I keep list to keep me organized. They tell me what I need to do and helps remember what I have done.


While I was reading your words, I felt like I had wrote them myself! I thought it was just me that had these problems? I already know that these tips are going to make a big difference with my list-making! I am especially excited to use the Primary Task List! Everyday, I would find myself making more and more (unrealistic) to-do lists and then, only to feel like I had failed every evening! I thank you so much for the new ideas!

Vickilyn said:

Love the tips! I will be using these tips right away. I already had some of the list but really digging the waiting list!!

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