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Masterplan 365 Training by Jane's Agenda

Welcome to Masterplan 365.

Welcome to the dawn of your productivity transformation journey with Masterplan 365. This innovative program is designed to revolutionize your approach to productivity, propelling you towards unparalleled personal and professional growth. At its core, Masterplan 365 is more than just a course; it's a year-long commitment to evolving your organizational habits and mindset. Our goal? To guide you through a meticulously structured path that fosters genuine, sustainable changes in how you plan, prioritize, and perform.

How to Get Started

Registration Details:

Embarking on your Masterplan 365 journey begins with a simple yet important step: registration. Ensure you sign up to secure your spot in this transformative experience. Registration is straightforward; visit our Masterplan 365 page and click the register button to begin. Don't miss the chance to redefine your productivity paradigm.

What You'll Need:

To maximize your Masterplan 365 experience, a few essentials are required:

  • Reliable internet access for accessing course materials and live sessions.
  • A dedicated productivity planner, your companion throughout the year. We help you build this as you go!
  • The first month’s book, Atomic Habits, a cornerstone of our initial theme exploration. Links to books can be found here.
  • The workbook planner inserts.

Setting Up Your Space:

Creating an environment that enhances focus and learning is crucial. Whether at home or your workspace, ensure your study area is quiet, well-lit, and free from distractions. Personalize your space with items that inspire productivity, such as motivational quotes or a comfortable, ergonomic chair.

What to Expect

Monthly Themes:

Each month, Masterplan 365 delves into different facets of productivity. From time management to mindfulness in planning, get ready for a diverse learning experience. Our initial themes include "Foundations of Productivity," "Mastering Time Management," and "Goal Setting and Achievement."

Reading Assignments:

Integral to our curriculum are monthly book selections—both a primary and complementary read. These carefully chosen books align with our themes, offering deep insights and practical advice to enrich your learning journey.

See the book list here.

Weekly Livestreams:

Join us every Monday at 8 AM Arizona Time for our interactive livestreams. These sessions provide in-depth explorations of weekly topics, featuring Q&As, discussions, and live demonstrations. Mark your calendars to not miss these enriching gatherings.

Add the schedule to your digital calendar here.

Homework Assignments:

Expect to engage with a variety of assignments, from reflective journaling to practical planning exercises. Each task is designed to reinforce your learning, with an estimated commitment of 1-3 hours per week.

Virtual Study Hall:

Cap off each month with our Virtual Study Hall. This session is a time for community learning, group discussions, and getting hands-on with practical applications of monthly themes. This session is provided via zoom for best interaction.

Navigating the Information Hub

Our "Masterplan 365" hub page is your gateway to all things Masterplan. Here, you’ll find resources, livestream links, and downloadable workbook inserts. Familiarize yourself with the hub to make the most of the program’s offerings.

Visit the Masterplan 365 Hub.

Community Support

The journey is sweeter when shared. Our Facebook group is a vibrant community space for support, discussion, and insight sharing. Engage with fellow participants to enrich your Masterplan 365 experience.

Join the Facebook Group.

Keeping Track of Progress

Your productivity planner isn’t just for daily tasks; it’s a tool for setting ambitious goals, tracking habits, and reflecting on your growth. Use it diligently to witness your transformation unfold.


  • How much time should I commit to Masterplan 365 weekly? Aim for 1-3 hours per week, including reading, livestreams, and assignments.

  • Where can I find help or ask questions? The Facebook group and our information hub are your go-to resources for support.

Call to Action

Embark on your Masterplan 365 journey today. Engage with the first week’s materials, watch our kickoff livestream, and become a part of our community. Sign up here, purchase your workbook planner inserts here, and join the community group here. Your path to productivity transformation awaits.


  1. Join the emails.
  2. Join the Facebook Group
  3. Buy the book.
  4. Purchase the Workbook Planner Inserts.
  5. Attend the Livestreams.
  6. Do the reading.
  7. Share your homework in the community.

We're thrilled to have you embark on this transformative journey with Masterplan 365. With commitment, participation, and an open mind, the growth you’ll experience in your personal and professional life will be profound. Welcome to a year of remarkable productivity and growth. Let’s make every day count!

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