Plastic Binding Discs | Frosted | Set of 11


Plastic Binding Discs | Frosted | Set of 11

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Frosted opaque plastic binding discs for planner systems by Jane&
Opaque frosted plastic binding discs from Jane&

Plastic Binding Discs | Frosted 

These frosted, opaque finish, plastic binding discs are the perfect choice for ANY disc-bound planner system. Each set comes with 11 semi-clear/translucent plastic discs. 

Choose your size:

  • 32mm or 1.25 Inch discs holds up to 150 sheets.
  • 38mm or 1.49 Inch discs holds up to 200 sheets.
  • Thick and sturdy, our discs are made to last.

We designed/hand-selected the shape of our punch, the shape and size of our discs, and the color. We are extremely picky too, so you know they are quality. Using an entire set of our products, from discs to cover, to inserts, you'll find that your pages turn more smoothly and the impeccable quality will be envied by all of your planner besties.

Pair your plastic binding discs with one of our covers.

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    **Please note that you will only receive binding discs. Any other products and accessories seen in the photo are for display purposes only.


    Planner Inserts:

    • 120 GSM/80lb text, bright white, buttery smooth, FSC Certified paper (protects our forests).
    • Laser ink (doesn't smudge with highlighters).

    Cardstock Dashboards:

    • 199 gsm FSC Certified cardstock (protects our forests).
    • Laser ink (doesn't smudge with highlighters).

    Laminated items:

    • Covers feature 10 mil laminate
    • Dashboards feature 5 mil laminate
    • Page Finders feature 10 mil laminate

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