5 Steps to building the perfect disc bound planner

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Let's build your perfect planner.

Don't be scared. I'll be here for you the whole time.

Why build a planner from scratch?

1. You get the perfect planner, for you. You don't have the same life as anyone else, so why would you want the same planner?

2. You get full control. Want your notes in the front? Done. Want the monthly and weekly pages separated? You can do that too. With our disc bound planners, you assemble it, which means you can put it together any way you choose.

3. You get to pick the size. Want it portable and lightweight? You can do that. Large and in charge? Yep, you can do that too.

In just five easy steps, we'll walk you through the process of selecting items and curating the perfect planner, for you.

Step 1: Pick a size.

We offer four different sizes for our disc bound items. 

Size 4: This is our smallest size, and it has the most portability, however the pages are also the smallest. If small writing isn't your thing, maybe this isn't the perfect size for you. This size will fit in most small to medium handbags. The pages on this size measure 4.6x7 inches, and it has seven discs.

Size 6: This is our most popular size, and it's easy to see why. As the "Mama Bear" size in our collection, it has the best of both worlds: portability and function. Plan all the things, and take it with you on-the-go. This size fits into most medium to large sized handbags. This size has 5.5x8.5 inch pages and eight discs.

Size 7: So exceptionally functional, it can be a bit heavy. If your planner won't need to leave your desk often, and you enjoy having tons of room to plan, size 7 is your girl. This size fits into most large to x-large handbags. Pages measure 7x9.25 inches and it has 9 discs.

Size 8: Also known as letter size. This size is large, and you definitely won't run out of room to plan, however taking it on-the-go means either carrying in your arms, or using an x-large handbag or a large (bookbag sized) backpack. It will also be the most expensive size in our collection due to added materials and extra shipping weight.  Pages measure 8.5x11 inches and it has 11 discs.

The most important thing is to remember the size you pick, because you'll use it to pick out all the other pieces. Step by step, you'll start adding the items to your cart. To find each collection of items, use the menu at the top of the page to shop.

Step 2: Pick your discs.

The discs are the binding that holds the planner together. We have a large variety of discs available. 

Pick your material: Metal or Plastic. 

  • Metal features great durability and pages that turn like butter, but it comes at a price. These are an investment as they can be used year after year. Our metal discs are made from aluminum, which provides strength at a lighter weight.
  • Plastic discs are affordable and come in all kinds of colors, but they can break if dropped, and the pages don't turn as nicely on them.

Pick your size:

  • 3/4 inch. These are the smallest size we offer. They will hold around 80 sheets, give or take. These are perfect for creating a thinner planner.
  • 1 inch. These discs are good for a standard planner. They can support a monthly, weekly, and some note pages for about a year. We recommend about 125 sheets.
  • 1 1/2 inch. Large, and bold, and beautiful. These discs are good for those that like an 18 month calendar and some extras.
  • 2 inch. COMING SOON! Keep all the things. 

Please keep in mind, that the larger the discs, the more pages you must have in your planner. If you don't have enough pages for the size of discs, you'll have a floppy planner on your hands. The more pages = the more weight.  You can always leave pages out if you want to.

Add your discs to your cart. This will start your custom planner order.

Step 3: Pick your cover.

Planner covers are widely available in a variety of materials. We offer laminated covers.

Types of laminated covers we offer:

  • Laminated Paper. This is a pretty standard option with most starter planners. You'll find a full color image front and back and on the insides when you purchase one of our paper covers. These come in a variety of options, and offer the most privacy for your pages, because they are non-translucent. These are the most affordable of our cover options.
  • Laminated Vellum. Vellum is a translucent (think slightly foggy) plastic that we print on. These are semi-transparent which makes them excellent for creating visual layers in your planner. These offer the most options for showing off your personality.

All of our laminated covers come with the option of adding a permanent elastic ribbon to the back. This is used to secure and keep your planner closed. Add your cover to your cart. (They'll hang out with your discs while we shop some more.)

Step 4: Choose your pages.

Building a planner? You'll want calendar pages. We offer monthly, weekly, and daily options. You can use one option or all three. There are so many layouts to pick from. Like your monthly to start on a Monday? We've got that. Need a weekly that has lots of lists? We've got that too (Weekly No. 12).

In addition to calendar pages, you'll want to plan other things in your planner. Budget? Notes? Passwords? Addresses? Medical info? We could go on, but just know, we've got you covered. Add these to your cart. Get as many or as few options as you need. Remember, if your planner gets too thick, you can just set extra pages aside.

Step 5: Pick your accessories.

Some accessories are for function, some are for looks. Some are for both. This is where the real personality can shine through. 

Our laminated dashboards make a great place for sticky notes but also add a pretty layer in your planner and function like a divider for different sections.

We also offer page finders (find your spot markers), tabbed dividers, sticky notes, pen holders... Can you get by without these? Sure, but why would you want to? Add all the accessories you need to your cart.

Assembly not-included. It's half the fun.

You are ready to checkout. Yep, we've reached that point. Double-check you've got discs, a cover, your pages, and your accessories, and that everything says the same size number in the cart. Then click checkout.

We'll get your order made up and shipped out within five business days. It will arrive in a pretty box (yay! a gift...for yourself!) and you are ready to start assembling. Think about how you want each section set up ahead of time.  Ask the really tough questions, like "Do I like my notes in the front, or the back?".

We recommend putting your cover on your discs first, this gives your planner instant stability. Then add your dividers (if you got them). Then pages. Followed by any accessories. Be gentle, maneuver the item onto the discs gently. If you are careful putting the items on the discs, they'll last you a very long time. Be impatient or rough with them, well then, you are on your own.

Take a photo of your handwork and share it on social media. If you aren't already a member of the planner community, we recommend starting with tagging us in the photo ( @JanesAgenda ) and joining our Facebook group. We'd love to have you. Come share your planner and meet some other planner lovers like yourself.

Uh-oh. Something didn't turn out right.

Most common issues when building your first planner:

  • Incompatible sizes. Did you mean to order all size 4's but accidentally ordered a size 2? This happens, double check your cart before you checkout that all size numbers match. If you've already gotten your order, and have this issue, send us an email at hello@janesagenda.com
  • My book is too floppy. This means you need more filler. Add pages, accessories, dashboards. Once the discs are full, the book should feel pretty solid.
  • My cover won't close. Is your cover open at a 45 degree angle? You've overfilled. Take out some pages until you get to the sweet spot where the cover lays perfectly flat.... or get bigger discs. 

Other questions? We are here for you, and so are the thousand plus members in our Facebook group. We'd love to join you on your planner peace journey.

Planner peace is a state of being where you feel completely comfortable with your planner with very little about it that you'd like to change or don't use.


  • Lakeisha Bing

    how do you switch sizes when you’ve started with one size already? Like I’m using a size 4 and I do like it but I can see why a size 6 would be better. But all my cute sub boxes are in 4 and I love those items!😩😩

  • Maureen

    Great read Jane. I’m in the middle of planning myself a disc bound for work and I found this article very helpful.

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