Paper Clips | Reindeer | Set of 3

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Paper Clips | Reindeer | Set of 3

This holiday season is all about layers, planner layers that is.

Use these bronze colored metal "Reindeer" paper clips to clip in your favorite quote card or sticky note into your planner and create a holiday-friendly layered look.

Need to clip a list or note to self without permanently writing it down on your pages? Clip it with a festive touch! 

  • Bronze colored metal paper clips.
  • Reindeer shaped.
  • Includes three paper clips.
  • Clips are 2 inches long and 1.8 inches at the widest section.
  • This is a clearance item. Limited availability. 

 **Please note you will receive one set of three reindeer paper clips with one card attached. This item does not include any binding, pages, cover, or a complete planner. Any other products and accessories seen in the photos are for display purposes only.

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