Live Love Dream | Vellum Dashboard

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Live Love Dream | Vellum Dashboard

A simple quote that says 'Live Love Dream' printed on translucent paper and laminated to go over any designed dashboard print or just over your regular planner/ journal pages. 

What is vellum? Vellum is a translucent paper that allows you to see through to the next page. An excellent opportunity for self expression, layer it on top of something you want to still see.

Laminated with 5 mil lamination, the vellum page is the same size as your standard planner pages with only the extra laminate around the edge. They are not to be used as covers but make a great place for holding sticky notes or adding a little privacy over a page. They will stick out from the edge of your pages approximately .25 inches.

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You'll receive one laminated vellum dashboard. This item does not include any binding, pages, cover, or a complete planner.