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Don't Punch My Inserts | Unpunched

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Don't Punch My Inserts | Unpunched

Want your order left without punches? We can do that. Simply add this listing to your cart, along with the items you don't want punched.
We will be sure to send everything without punches. Only add this listing once, no matter how many items you purchase.

To leave something "unpunched" actually means that we print it fresh, just for you, as a special order. Normally we print in large stacks and process multiple items at once, but when you don't want punches it means we need to make you a special item. We are very happy to do it though!

- Tabbed items. These are not eligible to be left "unpunched". Sorry. They will be sent as pictured.
- Anything placed on clearance. These ship as is.

Please be aware, that if this item is added to the cart, all planner inserts (without tabs) and planner covers/dashboards/page finders will not be punched. 

Items that are left without punches will be non-refundable/non-returnable as well as this listing to leave off the punches. Obviously any errors on our part will still be corrected.

Questions? Send us a message.

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