Planner Inserts Set No. 38 | Medical Information Starter Set

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Planner Inserts Set No. 38 | Medical Information Starter Set

Designed for those moments when a healthcare professional is asking you about your (or someone else's) medical history. Trying to remember someone's blood type is hard enough, but remembering the names and dates of important medical procedures is basically impossible when the stress is high.

We recommend one Medical Information Pack per person that you want to keep info on. They were designed this way, so a family of four would want to purchase four packs. If you need additional pages we sell most of the inserts as an add-on as well as other more specific health related inserts.

Includes a total of six sheets:

  • Cover page, for who the medical information is about. 
  • Vital information page. A place to put your most important medical information, like blood type, medical conditions, and allergies.
  • Insurance information pages. Record your health, dental, vision, and other medical insurance.
  • Medical contact pages. A space to have all of the addresses and phone numbers of your most important healthcare professionals. Easy to find when you need it. Space for six contacts.
  • Prescription log. Know what prescriptions you are on, and the dosage. Spaces for three prescriptions. (These are available separately if you need more prescriptions.)
  • Medical visit log. Track your doctor's visits and know how long it has been since your last appointment as well as the purpose of the visit.
  • Medical procedure log. Need to know the date and name of your last procedure or surgery and where it was performed? Keep it here.

*Please note that this is a planner insert / planner refill and is not a complete planner. You will not receive a cover, discs, or any of the other photo props used. You will receive only the printed and punched pages.

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