The Awesome Planner

The Awesome Planner by JanesAgenda
The Awesome Planner was designed out of necessity. A forgotten appointment, due to not moving it from the monthly calendar to the weekly calendar, created this planner option that shows you your daily, weekly, and monthly pages all at the same time. Originally designed in 2013, this planner set has gone through many improvements and what you see here is the most recent and most awesome of all the Awesome Planners. 
The monthly page of our Awesome Planner features an at-a-glance calendar for 2019, 2020, and 2021, ensuring you always have the dates necessary to fill out your undated pages. You'll also find task space, goals, projects, and an events list for keeping track of those extremely important dates.
Every purchase of monthly pages provides you with 12 months, enough to last a year. Available in every size from A6 to letter.