Starter Planner Kit

Not sure where to start on the discbound journey? You've come to the right place. We make it simple and easy to build a planner perfect for a beginner. Step by step, we walk you through each item you need and all you have to do is add the final collection to your cart and purchase. You'll assemble it when it arrives, which is half the fun. Then you are ready to dive into functional planning!

Build your perfect starter kit

We've made it easy!

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You'll have everything you need

It's the perfect beginning to a beautiful friendship. Our kits are the first step toward building your dream planner.

The perfect monthly layout

All kits include Monthly No. 32

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Assembly not included.

It's half the fun!

Part of what makes the discbound system so wonderful. is that you can put all of your planner pieces in your planner in whatever order you like.

Want your weekly pages at the back? Done. Want your monthly and weekly together? Do that. Assemble your new planner the way you want.

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