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These are the items that make a planner truly great. Click any selection below to see all of the options in that category.

Binding Discs

Binding discs are what you use to hold a discbound planner together. Think of them like planner jewelry. Functional and fabulous, we have lots of choices to pick from, you are sure to find a size and style that fits your needs.

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Planner Covers

Planner covers offer protection for your pages and give your planner structure. They are also an excellent opportunity to show off your sense of style.

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Planner Inserts

Shop our large variety of planner refills and pages. Layouts for every purpose, we have something for every one and every planner.

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Planner Dashboards

What is a dashboard? The short answer: whatever you need it to be. Use them to separate sections of your planner, to hold sticky notes, or just for decoration.

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Page Finders

Mark your spot and find your place. Page finders, also known as planner bookmarks, are so handy.

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Planner Dividers

Tabbed dividers are a great for separating out multiple sections at a time.

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Keep it together with our assortment of clips. Paper clips, pen clips, find them all here.

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Sticky Notes

The prettiest sticky notes you ever did see.

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Quote Cards

Just to make you smile.

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Lifestyle Items

Our curated selection of lifestyle items.

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Desk Accessories

From pen bags to washi tape, anything for your desk is right here.

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Pen Holders

Need a place to put your pen? We've got the hook up.

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Pens and Markers

We are picky about our pens.

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Pockets give you places to put things.

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Planner Printables

Printables are a great cost-effective choice for those with the ability to print, cut, and punch from home.

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Monthly Subscription Box

Our Monthly Planner & Lifestyle Subscription Box features coveted limited edition items delivered directly to your door.

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