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Creative Team

Yay! We are so ecstatic to have you on our team! You really have the best spot because your term includes the Winter Collection which is so much fun to promote.
Here is some information about the team and common questions we get. 
(Step 2. Follow us on social media.)



You'll get an email from us the first week of each month that outlines upcoming seasonal themes, releases, and other Jane's Agenda related information. We'll ask for any requests you may have. 

It will take us up to a week after we get your responses back to gather up your monthly package of planner goodness and send it out to you. You should get it in plenty of time to start using it by the first of the following month.

October Package shipped by 9/15

November Package shipped by 10/15

December Package shipped by 11/15 (this will be the final package of your term.



We are on almost every social media outlet, all of them with the name @JanesAgenda. We are mostly active on Instagram and Facebook. Feel free to follow along and participate with discussions, the more active you are, the better. Please join our Facebook Group.

A little training info on Instagram. Instagram allows you to have 30 hashtags in a post. We don't require you to use all of them, but a good amount helps. The more common the hashtag, the less your photo will be seen. For example: #Planner will get less clicks/views/engagement than #FunctionalPlanner. You can put your hashtags in the main description or in the first comment, both work.

In a story, the opposite is true for hashtags. You want pretty common hashtags, because if people aren't looking for that hashtag, nobody will see it. 

The goal isn't just to boost our sales and following, it is to help you grow yours as well. Our creative team members in the past have typically tripled (some have 10x !) their following while on our team. We grow, you grow, we grow, you grow.... We are a team. Simple.

We love for hashtag finding.


  • We will be sending you a custom discount code for you to share, if you have any requests, please let us know. Your discount will be for 15% off a first purchase. We recommend sharing this with your followers as a way to offer them a benefit to checking out our shop. Feel free to share this in every post. We will send you monthly updates how your discount code is being used so you can learn and tweak your social strategy.
  • We will be holding our first ever "loop giveaway". This is a great way to grow the following of a whole team. Those who enter the giveaway will be required to follow all of us! We don't have a date scheduled just yet, and will probably be discussing this with the team to make sure the dates work well and everyone can help promote it.
  • Feel free to help promote outside of Instagram. If you have a blog, a YouTube, or other social media channel, we would love the support and may be able to feature the post in some bigger way to help you grow there too.
  • We will let you know if there is an event/sale/seasonal themed promotion going on, ahead of time, so you can help participate if you choose.
  • Feel free to post photos/video of your care packages when they arrive. People love a good unboxing.


At the end of the term, we will be offering those that did an exceptional job a spot for another term (if this is the second time, or third time, reading this then go you!). If you aren't offered another spot, it doesn't mean you did badly, it most likely means your following is going in a different direction than our target market. If you don't continue with us, either by your choice or ours, we will continue to root for your success.

A final note.

I'm so glad you are here. Your application/Instagram spoke to me and I selected you personally, with the support of my Creative Marketing Director, Emily. There are suggestions on this page, things we've seen work, but I also trust that you have your own style and so if you have different ideas, go for it. I want you to have fun on this team. Feel free to collaborate with us and the other members of the team. 

If for some reason you aren't able to post much or at all, contact us so we can decide together how to handle it. An option might be that perhaps you can post a little more later. We are really supportive of life balance and sometimes things come up. Communication is key.

If you have any questions, you can reach me at my own private email or through Instagram.

We will be adding you to our Instagram group chat so you can easily communicate with the whole team.

Please send us a photo of you that we can share for the announcement as soon as possible. We want to share the good news with the world!

So excited!


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