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Step 2

Here you'll find our best selling weekly layouts.

Choose a layout that best suits your needs from the three options below. You'll be able to read more about each option before you purchase.

Each weekly has a "Monday Start" and has dot grid note pages breaking up each month. This is useful for note taking and to separate the months with dividers.

Choose your weekly layout:

Planner Insert Weekly No. 08

This horizontal layout is perfect for those with days that don't need a ton of structure.

Keep track of tasks, appointments, and a large space for notes.

Select No. 08

Planner Insert Weekly No. 15

So structured. Your days will practically plan themselves. Hourly scheduling, meal plans, tasks... it even has a space for the weather.

Select No. 15

Planner Insert Weekly No. 16

This layout is the perfect choice for someone that thinks more about the week than the specific day. Space for tasks/appointments, lists, notes, and meal planning.

Select No. 16