Our Story

Est. 2013

Jane's Agenda® was created to help you gain some calm and control over your life, with the use of a planner system that is built to work the way you need it to.

Meet Jane

How it all began...

In 2013, as a new mom and busy career woman at a new job, Jane struggled to keep chaos under control.

After missing appointments, and feeling like an utter failure, Jane went on the search for the perfect planner. A search in stores, and online, showed that this planner didn't exist anywhere.

Using her laptop, and her little home printer, she created her very first planner pages. She made these for herself, using colors she liked, in a layout that fit her needs, on heavy-weight paper that made her happy.

Once all of Jane's coworkers saw how effective her work had become, they asked what the change was. After a little planner show and tell, everyone requested one of their own! *lightbulb moment* If Jane needed the pages, so did other women (and men!).

Not only did they sell almost instantly, but women began writing in with requests for planner pages they wanted and couldn't find. This was how our very first product line came to life. All of our first products were things that busy women desperately needed but couldn't find.

Nearly nine years later, we still keep this mindset: Products that you need, with the exact right function for your life, featuring exceptional quality.

The faces behind the biz

Meet the Jane's Agenda® Team


Our first monthly calendar.

Designed on a laptop in Jane's living room, this is one of our first products ever offered. We've come a long way since then, but Jane still does all of the initial designing.

Friends, bordering on family

Teamwork makes the dream work.