Let's build your perfect planner.

Don't be scared. I'll be here for you the whole time.


Why build a planner from scratch?

1. You get the perfect planner, for you. You don't have the same life as anyone else, so why would you want the same planner?

2. You get full control. Want your notes in the front? Done. Want the monthly and weekly pages separated? You can do that too. With our disc bound planners, you assemble it, which means you can put it together any way you choose.

3. You get to pick the size. Want it portable and lightweight? You can do that. Large and in charge? Yep, you can do that too.

In just five easy steps, we'll walk you through the process of selecting items and curating the perfect planner, for you.

Step 1: Pick a size.

We offer four different sizes for our discbound planners. 

Size 4, 6, 7, and 8. Size 4 is the smallest and most portable, while size 8 is great for students or those who leave their planner on their desk at all times.

As you build your planner, you'll need to know what size you chose, so keep that size number handy!

Step 2: Pick your cover.

Planner covers are available in a variety of materials. We offer laminated planner covers and vegan leather planner covers.   

Step 3: Pick your inserts.

Building a planner? You'll want calendar pages. We offer monthly, weekly, and daily options. You can use one option or all three. There are so many layouts to pick from. Like your monthly to start on a Monday? We've got that. Need a weekly that has lots of lists? We've got that too (Weekly No. 12). In addition to calendar pages, you'll want to plan other things in your planner. Budget? Notes? Passwords? Addresses? Medical info? We could go on, but just know, we've got you covered. Add these to your cart. Get as many or as few options as you need. Remember, if your planner gets too thick, you can just set extra pages aside.

Step 4: Pick your accessories.

Some accessories are for function, some are for looks. Some are for both. This is where the real personality can shine through. 

Our laminated dashboards make a great place for sticky notes but also add a pretty layer in your planner and function like a divider for different sections.

We also offer page finders (find your spot markers), tabbed dividers, sticky notes, pen holders... Can you get by without these? Sure, but why would you want to? Add all the accessories you need to your cart.


Step 5: Pick your discs.

Discs are the binding that holds the planner together. We offer a variety of materials, colors, and sizes. The thicker the discs, the more pages you can hold, but keep in mind that if your discs are large, but your planner is thin, you'll have a wobbly planner.


Assembly not-included. It's half the fun.

You are ready to checkout. Yep, we've reached that point. Double-check you've got discs, a cover, your pages, and your accessories, and that everything says the same size number in the cart. Then click checkout.

We'll get your order made up and shipped out within five business days. It will arrive in a pretty box (yay! a gift...for yourself!) and you are ready to start assembling. Think about how you want each section set up ahead of time.  Ask the really tough questions, like "Do I like my notes in the front, or the back?".

We recommend putting your cover on your discs first, this gives your planner instant stability. Then add your dividers (if you got them). Then pages. Followed by any accessories. Be gentle, maneuver the item onto the discs gently. If you are careful putting the items on the discs, they'll last you a very long time. Be impatient or rough with them, well then, you are on your own.

Take a photo of your handwork and share it on social media. If you aren't already a member of the planner community, we recommend starting with tagging us in the photo ( @JanesAgenda ) and joining our Facebook group. We'd love to have you. Come share your planner and meet some other planner lovers like yourself.


January 08, 2021 — Jane Wild
Tags: Planning 101


Lillian said:

I was able to purchase some discs several years back from Levenger that allowed pen storage in the middle of the discs. Is there any chance you may be able to carry these as Levenger no longer does. This is an extremely handy way to carry a ‘slim’ pen or pencil at all times without it being so external as other methods available.

Lakeisha Bing said:

how do you switch sizes when you’ve started with one size already? Like I’m using a size 4 and I do like it but I can see why a size 6 would be better. But all my cute sub boxes are in 4 and I love those items!😩😩

Maureen said:

Great read Jane. I’m in the middle of planning myself a disc bound for work and I found this article very helpful.

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