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The Teacher's Collection

The same thought and care that you have known to expect from Jane's Agenda planner inserts can now be seen in our first ever Teacher's Planner. Available in a variety of options and cover choices (or without a cover) there is sure to be a variation that suits your needs.

What is included: (A total of 180 pages/90 double-sided sheets)

  • Cover page with about the teacher information for if it gets lost.
  • Classroom procedures and important information sheet
  • Roll call page with space for up to 35 students
  • Two-page spread with micro graph for drawing out a seating chart
  • Planning ahead pages with holidays and observances marked and space to write down events for each day.
  • Communication log page
  • The front of every month has flexible planning space to use as you please
  • Each month has a two page spread that starts on Sunday and has moon phases and holidays listed. Weekend days are shaded in yellow.
  • Weekly page allows you to have room to write out seven classes, as well as before school and after school space, and space to write out weekly planning for each class.
  • Each month finishes with a notes page
  • Allergy & Health log page that has space to write 35 students
  • Three two-page checklist pages for tracking assignments
  • Four contacts pages for keeping student or volunteer contact info
  • Five additional note pages at the back

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