The Awesome Planner


Overworked and underpaid, when I first started designing planner inserts I desperately wanted something that would allow me to keep track of my month and my week all in the same spread. I was tired of missing appointments because I had forgotten to carry them over on from my month to my week. I was also contacted by dozens of women who said they don't need monthly pages because they don't remember to look at them. In order to fix this problem, I designed the first Awesome Planner insert set.

Every year since, the AP set has gotten a re-design to pack in more function and make it easier to use:

  • This year we have introduced the horizontal monthly, which gives you the absolute most space to plan on a MO1P (Month On 1 Page).
  • We flip-flopped the tasks and hourly so that your daily task sheet is on the front and your appointments are on the back. So many customers told us they don't need to see their appointments all day but they definitely want to keep an eye on their tasks!
  • We also added a daily task/habit tracker to the weekly pages. This has been a huge hit on our horizontal pages and so we felt it was time to add that functionality to the AP set.
  • On the back of the monthly and weekly pages we switched out the lines for dot grid. Dots are amazing, if you haven't tried them please be open-minded because once you go dots you never go back.

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