Extra Planner Inserts No. 16 | Prescription Log | Medical

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Prescription Log Planner Inserts

Treating an illness, or keeping up with allergy meds,  when you need to know what prescriptions you have (or a family member has), we have you covered with our Prescription Log planner inserts.


  • 8 two-sided sheets, enough for up to 8 family members if used one per sheet. 
  • 6 prescription spaces per sheet for a total of 24 prescriptions per pack.
  • Front has space for listing the name of the person prescribed

This insert was designed to go with our Medical Information Starter Set, find it here.

Please note that this is a planner insert / planner refill and is not a complete planner. You will not receive a cover, discs, or any of the other photo props used. You will receive only the printed and punched pages.