Paperclip | Yellow | Large


Paperclip | Yellow | Large

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Large Yellow Paper clip
Large Yellow Paper Clip

Paperclip | Large

Use this large yellow paperclip to clip your favorite quote card, or sticky note into your planner. Paperclips allow you to layer your planner decoratively, along with keeping important notes attached in specific spots and sections in your planners and notebooks.

Need to clip a list or note-to-self without permanently writing it down on your pages? Clip it with a stylish touch! 

  • Includes 1 paperclip attached to a small floral card.
  • Yellow color. 
  • Plastic covered metal, Shaped into a rectangular arrow.
  • Clip is 3 inches long and 1.25 inches wide.
  • Limited availability.

 **Please note you will receive one large paperclip. This item is an accessory and does not include any binding, pages, cover, or a complete planner. Any other products and accessories seen in the photos are for display purposes only.


Planner Inserts:

  • 120 GSM/80lb text, bright white, buttery smooth, FSC Certified paper (protects our forests).
  • Laser ink (doesn't smudge with highlighters).

Cardstock Dashboards:

  • 199 gsm FSC Certified cardstock (protects our forests).
  • Laser ink (doesn't smudge with highlighters).

Laminated items:

  • Covers feature 10 mil laminate
  • Dashboards feature 5 mil laminate
  • Page Finders feature 10 mil laminate

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