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Which weekly layout is right for you

Apr 17, 2019 0 comments
Which weekly layout is right for you

Which weekly layout is right for you?

Jane Wild
Entrepreneur, boy mom, veteran wife, and planner addict.

Picking a weekly layout is, what I consider, the single most important part of picking out a functional planner. Pick the wrong layout and you'll find yourself less productive, pick the right layout and you'll feel like a rock star!

We offer eight different weekly layouts to pick from at Jane's Agenda and I'm going to walk you through each layout and describe who I think each layout would work great for.

Weekly Layout #08

This planner spread is our most traditional weekly option. It has horizontal lines that run from left to right across the page. Saturday and Sunday are flexible and can be full size or half size. 

Who is it for? This weekly layout would work well for someone who takes a bunch of notes each day or perhaps someone who just isn't interested in all the function our other planner inserts offer.

Weekly Layout #09

Flexible vertical daily lines, three task lists, a habit tracker, and half size weekend days.

Who is it for? This is for the busy working woman who has a ton going on. Keep it all under control and all in one view. Great for most lifestyles.

Weekly Layout #12

You master tasker you. This weekly spread is all about the to-do's of the day. 

Who is it for? Someone without much going on appointment-wise but with a ton of tasks. 

Weekly Layout #14

Keeping it simple. Four boxes per page, this spread provides an appealing amount of flexible space per day.

Who is it for? Someone who doesn't mind not having lined structure, and whose schedule may vary from day to day. This spread would work well for most women who don't my free-handing their words. I recommend this spread if you need a planner, but don't necessarily need it to be high functioning.

Weekly Layout #18

All appointments. Scheduled out with half-hour increments and full size weekend boxes.

Who is it for?  Anyone who has most of their day scheduled out. Perfect for someone in the sales or service industry that has a lot of appointments to remember.

Weekly Layout #19

Break up your day. This planner spread was designed to help you time-block. Hourly chunks broken up from morning, afternoon, and evening help you visualize what is going on and when, without all the overwhelm.

Who is it for?  Someone who likes to schedule out their day, perhaps you have a standard routine you like to work around... The weekend boxes are smaller and lacking the function of the week day boxes and so this works best for someone who has less going on during the weekend.

Weekly Layout #42

All function, all the time. This layout has a little bit of everything.

Who is it for? Perfect for a homemaker, busy mom, anyone who wants to segment their life as this spread benefits best from using it primarily for home or primarily for work.

Weekly Layout #45

This undated weekly planner insert is a great at-a-glance option.

Who is it for? If you want a peek at your week, this is the spread for you. This will work well for most people who want more space than a monthly calendar offers but don't quite need all the room of the other options we have. It has lots of room for lists and notes as well as a habit tracker and space for daily appointments. I recommend this calendar for someone who is still trying to figure out just how much functional space they need.

This spread is also featured as part of our Awesome Planner Set. Find out about it here.

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